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Practice Areas

In today’s legal environment, matching your needs with the correct firm is crucial
to the successful outcome of your legal matters. Like so many other areas, in law,
the pace of change can be “breakneck,” the details overwhelming.
As an informed consumer of legal services, you need to be sure that the firm you
select is in fact qualified to handle the matter at hand. Today, that’s more
important than ever.
To that end, what follows is a brief description of the type of matters we
successfully handle.  We have made a solid commitment to these areas of the law
so that we can assure you the best possible legal representation.

Corporate Law

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Legal Advice

Legal advice in a full-range of business transactions (civil and
commercial). Legal assistance in activities such as corporate
formation, purchase and sale of equity interests and assets, planning and execution of complex operations, study of alternatives and implementation of corporate reorganizations, including corporate restructuring through implementation of incorporations, merger operations and other corporate transactions.


Representation and Legal Aid

Representation and defense of client’s rights by participating in
shareholders and management meetings. 

Legal aid for domestic and international companies as regards discussions, review and negotiation of international agreements; purchase, sale, agency operations, technology transfer agreements,
trademark and patent licensing.


Document Analysis

Analysis of organizational documents and related instruments,
agreements in effect, assessment and analysis of legal and
administrative proceedings in the following areas: Civil Law,

Corporate Law, Labor and Employment Law, Probate and Domestic
Relations Law, Consumer Law and litigation and visas obtaining;


Legal Assistance

Legal assistance in basic activities such as guidance to corporateformation, amendments to the articles of incorporation, to bring intoeffect changes such as: the raise of the company´s capital, theassignment or resignation of shareholders including foreign naturalperson or foreign legal entities, opening of branches, protection ofcompany´s name and other issues related to the Board of Trade.

Civil and Business Law

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Legal Consulting and Advisory in Civil Law

Agreements in general, follow up of contractual negotiations and the entire domain of Civil Law.


Preparation and Analysis

Preparation and analysis of civil and commercial agreements (Lease, purchase, and sale, loans, commercial representantion, etc).

Preparation and analysis and registration of technology transfer agreements.

Consumer Law

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Dedicated to clients with significant volume of lawsuits

Strong background in administrative claims before the consumer protection agencies, such as PROCON, and in claims filed before judicial courts, including small claims courts.


Preparation and review of contracts

Legal advice on preparation and review of contracts, marketing and other promotional materials about goods and services to ensure their compliance with the Brazilian Consumer Protection Code provisions.

Labor and Employment Law

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Legal advice on labor relations issues

 Legal advice on labor relations issues, analysis and writing of
employment contracts;
Legal representation in labor claims.


Legal assistance in labor matters

Legal assistance in labor matters involved in splits, mergers,
consolidations and other corporate reorganization operations;
analysis of matters relating to labor succession in companies. Labor
settlements and negotiations with labor unions.


Probate and Domestic Relations Law

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Legal advice on domestic relations

Advice on succession planning in enrollment.
Legal advice on probate as well as on all matters regarding probate
Law and related issues and domestic relations law.

Legal Assistance to Foreigners in Brazil and the obtaining of visas

Legal assistance to foreigners in Brazil and the obtaining of visas. Law in Brazil. Lawyers in Brazil. Brazilian Lawyer. Documents in Brazil.


Specialized in rendering services to multinacional companies related to immigration

Specialized in rendering services to multinational companies related
to procedures of transferring foreign citizens to Brazil, we offer
customized services, identifying the needs of each client. We provide legal advisory services and expedite visa process to obtain the proper type of visa and documents required for the stay of foreign citizens in the country.


Registration of persnal documents

We have the expertise to process and obtain permanent visas,
working visa (Type V) and others;
We have set up the handiest channel to validate in Brazil and to
obtain the registration of personal documents issued abroad,
including marriage certificates;

Attestation, authentication & apostille services

Authentication or Legalization is the certification of the genuineness of the signature and seal of an official. Through this process, it is attested that the official has the authority to execute, issue or certify a document in one jurisdiction, so that it may be recognized in another jurisdiction. Authentication does not certify the genuineness, legality or credibility of the documents or their contents. The process of authentication aims at confirming for the authorities of a country that the signature and seal affixed to a document issued in another country, are authentic.

This is accomplished by creating a chain of subsequent authentications, each by progressively highergovernment authority, on the basis of deposited specimens ofsignatures. We can help you have your documents issued by TheBrazilian authorities (official documents, certificates, diplomas,contracts, power of attorneys etc.) attested or apostilled. Ask us formore information to check the Members of the Hague Convention"APOSTILLE" or for Documents that can get "APOSTILLED”


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